QP Technologies’ (formerly Quik-Pak) exclusive Open-molded Plastic Package (OmPP) is a pre-molded, air cavity QFN package (Quad Flat No-Lead) designed to provide a high quality, fast solution for your IC packaging and IC assembly needs. 

These custom QFN packages or Open-molded Plastic Packages (OmPP) come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for prototype, mid volume or production volume applications. Ceramic and plastic lids are available and are optional. 

Pre-Molded Air Cavity QFN Package Advantages:

  • RoHS and REACH Compliant “Green” Molding Compound used to make QFN packages
  • Gold Plated QFN Packages
  • Superior Bondability
  • Custom QFN Body Sizes and Lead Counts available off the shelf
  • Perfect solution for rapid prototyping or volume applications
  • Proven to work with RF silicon requiring frequencies of 40+Ghz

QP Technologies’ Au/Ni plated custom Air Cavity QFN (OmPP) Packages are offered in a broad assortment of sizes from 3x3mm to 12x12mm with a variety of pitch options. They are manufactured using a RoHS and REACH compliant “green” molding compound.

QP Technologies’ OmPP packages have been tested to RF frequencies of 40+GHz and are proven to be a viable yet cheaper alternative to industry standard ceramic for most applications.

Open-molded Plastic Package QFN Drawings

TypeSize# of LeadsDrawing (.pdf)
QFN3×38 LeadQP-QFN8-3MM-.65MM
QFN3×312 LeadQP-QFN12-3MM-.5MM
QFN3×312 LeadQP-QFN12-3MM-.65MM
QFN3×316 LeadQP-QFN16-3MM-.5MM
QFN4×416 LeadQP-QFN16-4MM-.65MM
QFN4×420 LeadQP-QFN20-4MM-.5MM
QFN4×424 LeadQP-QFN24-4MM-.5MM
QFN4×428 LeadQP-QFN28-4MM-.4MM
QFN5×516 LeadQP-QFN16-5MM-.8MM
QFN5×520 LeadQP-QFN20-5MM-.65MM
QFN5×524 LeadQP-QFN24-5MM-.65MM
QFN5×528 LeadQP-QFN28-5MM-.5MM
QFN5×532 LeadQP-QFN32-5MM-.5MM
QFN5×540 LeadQP-QFN40-5MM-.4MM
QFN6×628 LeadQP-QFN28-6MM-.65MM
QFN6×636 LeadQP-QFN36-6MM-.5MM
QFN6×640 LeadQP-QFN40-6MM-.5MM
QFN6×648 LeadQP-QFN48-6MM-.4MM
QFN7×732 LeadQP-QFN32-7MM-.65MM
QFN7×744 LeadQP-QFN44-7MM-.5MM
QFN7×748 LeadQP-QFN48-7MM-.5MM
QFN7×760 LeadQP-QFN60-7MM-.4MM
QFN8×856 LeadQP-QFN56-8MM-.5MM
QFN9×964 LeadQP-QFN64-9MM-.5MM
QFN10×1072 LeadQP-QFN72-10MM-.5MM
QFN10×1088 LeadQP-QFN88-10MM-.4MM
QFN12×1280 LeadQP-QFN80-12MM-.5MM
QFN12×12100 LeadQP-QFN100-12MM-.4MM
Matching Lids500513
SOIC8 LeadQP-SOIC8-150-100×75