Advanced Assembly

Chip on Board (COB) / Chip on Flex (COF)

QP Technologies (formerly Quik-Pak) has the capability to attach and bond die on printed circuit boards and flex circuits measuring up to 5″ by 8″ and even larger, using our range of wire bond equipment. Passive components can be mounted and die protected with encapsulation, frame and lid or custom covers. QP Technologies also has the capability of designing unique fixtures for your populated boards.

Multi-Chip Module (MCM) / System in Package (SiP)

QP Technologies’ flexible assembly processes can accommodate the bonding of multiple components, including die and discretes, on a single substrate.

Flip Chip Bonding

When you are ready to make the move to Flip Chip technology, QP Technologies offers complete Prototype Assembly Services, including Wafer/Die Bumping, Die Placement, Solder Reflow, Underfill, Encapsulation and Substrate Ball Attach. QP Technologies also provides substrate design and manufacturing services to deliver a complete turnkey Flip Chip solution.

Stacked Die

When your device requires the integration of multiple components in a single package, such as ASIC and memory die, a stacked die assembly delivers the smallest footprint and most economical solution. QP Technologies’ unique ability to backgrind individual die enables the finished devices to meet original JEDEC package thickness specifications, and our capabilities in die attach and wire bonding, including die to die and die to substrate bonding, enable prototype assembly of your complicated stacked die devices.


Chiplets continue to grow rapidly in popularity, due in large part to the “More than Moore” push to add further value to semiconductors by migrating some functionalities from the board onto the chip or into the package. Essentially an architecture for integrating existing, pre-qualified die into an IC package, chiplets offer advantages for scaling and yield in a range of products, particularly high-performance devices with sizable memory requirements. These data-intensive applications include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, high-performance computing (HPC), and large data centers.


Surface mount technology has allowed electronic devices to get smaller with continually shrinking footprints. In SMT, all the different components (passives, diodes, transistors, connectors, and integrated circuits) needed for today’s devices are attached to the surface of the printed circuit board or flex circuit, oftentimes right alongside the bare die. 

Inventory Management / BOM Procurement

We can manage your inventory in a variety of ways. You can consign materials to us, we can purchase the bill of materials (BOM) components, or we will develop complete turnkey programs – whatever meets your needs.