About QP Technologies

QP Technologies (formerly Quik-Pak) is a leading provider of microelectronic packaging and assembly, wafer preparation, and substrate design and development services and our service offerings enable our customers to target a range of end markets, including commercial, RF, power, industrial, automotive, medical and mil-aero. We leverage proven technologies developed by our skilled experts, and we work closely with you to get your products to market quickly and in high volume. Our in-depth and unique industry knowledge, combined with the personal relationship we create with you, means you can count on us to be your trusted adviser and partner.

When you knew us as Quik-Pak, our primary goal was to save you time and money. Using our expertise in reconfiguring Open-cavity Plastic Packages (OCPP), for example, we delivered your new packaged ICs in five days or less – sometimes as fast as 8 hours – so you could reliably and quickly evaluate your new silicon in any package of your choosing. 

And when it was time for you to launch parts to your customers, we leveraged our broad range of “all under one roof” wafer preparation, IC packaging and assembly capabilities to help you get into volume production quickly.

Under our new name, QP Technologies…

  • We are building on Quik-Pak’s foundation and legacy to keep up with industry trends and to meet your expanding needs, both immediate and ongoing
  • We’re paying the same level of attention to responsiveness, quality and speed of delivery that you’ve enjoyed over the past two-plus decades
  • And we continue to leverage our proven processes, our tenured engineering brain trust, and our wholly owned, state-of-the art San Diego-area manufacturing facility

Today, we are your trusted allies for designing and building your IC prototypes and production assembly projects in virtually ANY package type. We look forward to working with you!