Compound Semiconductor
Know-How for Custom Power IC Packaging and Assembly

QP Technologies will team with you to conceive and develop the right package to bring your power ICs and other devices using compound semi materials to commercial fruition.

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  • Packaging technology’s vital role in reducing power loss and improving system efficiency for clean energy applications
  • How basing packaging and assembly designs on flip-chip technology can help maximize power product lifecycles
  • The benefits of custom packaging solutions for developing direct-bond copper solutions that utilize compound semiconductors, e.g., aluminum nitride (AlN)
  • Why developing a flowchart for future assemblies helps assure a repeatable assembly solution for your power device

In this white paper, we detail a case study in which QP Technologies collaborated with dynamic startup firm Ideal Power to devise a commercial packaging solution for Ideal Power’s innovative, proprietary B-TRAN™ semiconductor power switch technology that yielded the industry’s first fully functional double-sided B-TRAN switches.

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