Wire Bonding

QP Technologies (formerly Quik-Pak) performs wire bonding utilizing the latest automatic wirebonding equipment from K&S and Hesse. Wire diameters range from 0.6 mil to 2.4 mils for gold and aluminum.  We also offer Copper and Silver wire, Wedge and Ball bonding, Ribbon Bonding and Heavy Wire.  Contact a sales engineer for review of your bonding project and a complete set of design rules.

Wire & Ribbon Bonding Capabilities

  1. Au ball bonding: 18µm (0.7 mil) up to 50µm (2 mils) diameter wire. 15µm (0.6 mil) is also available. Consult factory for details.
  2. Cu and Ag ball bonding: Consult factory for details
  3. Fine wire AI & Au wedge bonding: 17.5µm (0.7 mil) up to 60µm (2.4 mil) diameter wire.
  4. Fine AI or Au ribbon bonding: 6µm X 35µm (0.25 X 1.4 mil) up to 25µm X 250µm (1 X 10 mil) 
  5. Heavy wire AI wedge bonding: 127µm (5 mil), 254µm (10 mil), 381µm (15 mil), 508µm (20 mil) diameter wire. Consult factory for additional sizes.
  6. Heavy Al Ribbon Bonding: 102µm X 508µm (4 X 20 mil) up to 406µm X 2,032µm (16 X 80 mil)