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QP Technologies provides prototype and small-volume IC packaging and IC assembly services. The company specializes in providing full turn-key solutions that help get your design to market quickly.

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About Us

You may remember us as Quik-Pak, founded in 1992 and acquired by Promex Industries in 2015. Today, QP Technologies is a leading provider of microelectronic packaging and assembly, wafer preparation, and substrate design and development services. We leverage proven technologies developed by our skilled staff, and we work closely with you to get your products to market quickly, with the highest quality and in low or high volumes.

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Our Services

Whether you need wafer thinning, a fast-turn prototype, or a custom solution for mid-volume manufacturing, we offer a range of services to meet your packaging and assembly requirements. Read More

Our Products

At QP Technologies, we are committed to sustaining and growing our line of industry-leading packages and substrate capabilities to ensure we have what you need when you need it. Read More

Wafer Backgrinding

We perform automated, volume backgrinding of 100mm to 300mm (4 to 12 inches) wafers, as well as partial wafers and individual die, to meet your wafer preparation needs. We also thin and polish such materials as glass, quartz and ceramic.

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Substrate Development Services

Through our substrate design, fabrication and assembly service offering, we develop turnkey solutions for substrate-based assemblies to accommodate your unique packaging requirements, from custom and 3D ICs, to SiPs, MCMs and BGAs in nearly any form.

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When you need a high-quality, fast solution for your IC packaging and assembly needs, we have the answer. Our exclusive Open-molded Plastic Packages (OmPP) are a line of pre-molded, air-cavity quad flat no-lead (QFN) packages that come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for prototype, mid volume or production volume applications.

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