Automotive Market

The automotive market for semiconductors is exploding, due to the growing amount of semiconductor content being incorporated into vehicles, particularly in sensors. According to analyst firm MarketsandMarkets, the global market for automotive semiconductors continues to expand at a rapid pace, with the most significant factor driving the market being the increase in production of vehicles. Vehicle electrification and demand for advanced safety, convenience, and comfort systems are other contributors to the growth of vehicle semiconductor content.

Our capabilities target high-volume devices used for mirrors, taillights, infotainment and other functions that, while not mission-critical, are still highly important and of value to vehicle users. Standardized packaging, such as chiplets, can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to bring automotive chips and features to market. Our advanced assembly services can accommodate chiplets, as well as flip-chip, stacked die, SiP, MCM, CoB and other structures that may come into play. This means that we can deliver quick-turn prototyping solutions that meet your volume packaging and assembly needs. Adding in our wafer preparation – backgrinding and dicing – and die inspection capabilities provides a complete, turnkey solution that will help ensure your ability to meet your time-to-market and cost goals.

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