Mil-Aero Market

QP Technologies (formerly Quik-Pak) provides quick-turn prototypes and production quantities that meet this vital market’s stringent quality and testing standards. Complete MIL-STD and custom environment screenings are available. We are able to meet your production needs by delivering fast-turn onshore services – not having to ship your prototype overseas and wait for your small-volume manufactured lots to come back can be a critical factor in helping you to meet your time-to-market and cost goals.

Proven, innovative IC and board packaging approaches are essential to enabling system designers to use commercially developed components in military and aerospace platforms. Our offerings are ideally suited for this market, particularly with respect to RF requirements, as RF technology is vital for mil-aero devices.

Key to our RF capabilities is our strength in both flip chip and wirebond interconnect technologies. While flip chip is critical for smartphones, mobile, automotive, medical and other high-performance applications, wirebonding remains an important technology for mil-aero, as well as industrial, energy and other markets requiring robust, high-reliability solutions. Our wirebonding expertise includes heavy wire capability (5, 10 and 15 mil thicknesses), stand-off stitch for very low height, and tightly controlled wirebond lengths and loop heights.

At QP Technologies, we can oversee your entire reliability/qualification flow for your mil-aero project, per the MIL-STD-883/M5004 Class Level B process steps:

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