Open Cavity Plastic Packages

QP Technologies (formerly Quik-Pak) can provide virtually any IC package you need for your prototype devices, such as Open-molded Plastic Packages (OmPP)®, Open Cavity Plastic Packages (OCPP)®, ceramic IC packages, laminate substrates and even custom IC package configurations.

If you don’t have a specific IC package identified, we can provide technical assistance to select the best IC package for your application.

Open Cavity Plastic Packages (OCPP) are the ideal platform for new IC prototypes, because they are mechanically and electrically identical to your future transfer molded production parts. QP Technologies can convert any existing IC plastic packages, whether dummies, electrical test rejects or excess inventory, into open cavity packages, ready to be assembled with your new die.

Packages can be prepared in advance using our proprietary process and stored at our facility for assembly as soon as your wafers and/or die are ready.  Once the new die is assembled into the OCPP packages we can seal the packages with lids, apply glob top material to fill in the cavity, or tape a lid on for easy removal.  Packages can be assembled in as quick as 8 hours providing the quickest option for your hard to find plastic packages.

QP Technologies’ proprietary reconfiguration process is applicable to packages that you provide or we procure for you, in any size or lead count.  Available IC package types include: