Medical Market

The medical market for semiconductors is segmented into applications that include Portable & Telehealth Monitoring, Consumer Medical Electronics, Medical Imaging, Clinical, Diagnostics, and Therapy. Because healthcare is life-critical, the devices that go into these applications must be manufactured using robust processes with consideration of complex material requirements.  Materials must be aligned with a variety of device concerns such as temperature sensitivity, fluidic channels, light sensitivity, power/performance, and custom end-product requirements.

Packaging and assembly play a key role in protecting these devices and ensuring their ability to sustain functionality over the lifetime of the end products in which they’re used. One example is wafer-level chip-scale packaging (WLCSP), a variation of flip-chips, which lets designers of portable healthcare equipment develop end products that are smaller and more power-efficient.

QP Technologies (formerly Quik-Pak) provides quickturn prototypes and production quantities that meet this vital market’s stringent quality and testing standards, in addition to offering a full range of wafer preparation services, including backgrinding (thinning), dicing, sorting and pick-and-place. We are able to meet your production needs by delivering fast-turn onshore services – not having to ship your prototype overseas and wait for your small-volume manufactured lots to come back can be a critical factor in helping you to meet your time-to-market and cost goals.To contact a QP Technologies representative and discuss your project scope and requirements, please click here or call 858-674-4676.

Additional Services

Our parent company, Promex Industries, is a recognized leader in custom process development and assembly of complex, heterogeneous SiP and medical microelectronic devices, including Class II & III, as well as biomedical devices. Promex’s extensive experience working with innovative partner companies can accelerate your products to market through its engineering design services, robust manufacturing processes and customized validation program. We provide you with immediate prototypes for clinical testing and scale up to FDA-compliant volume manufacturing, or sequential steps of process development and new-product introduction. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Promex is U.S.-based for on onshore competitive production to meet your rapid product life cycle needs.  For more information, click here, or call 408-496-0222.