This brief presentation was the third given at the start of the “Special Session on the CHIPS Act” at ECTC 2023 in Orlando Florida. The two proceeding talks were by Carl McCants, DARPA and Robert Rudnitsky, NIST. Other panelists were; Hern Takiar, Micron; Joshua Dillon, Marvell; Subramanian Iyer, UCLA.  The moderators were Nancy Stoffel, GE and Jan Vardaman, Techsearch International. Half of the 1.5 hr session was devoted to audience and moderator Q&A.  The questions addressed a wide range of topics with no particular theme. However, it was evident that many individuals and firms are evaluating the impact of the Chips Act on the industry, how it effects them and their institutions, and how they might benefit from funding from the Chips Act but also by joining with other individuals or entities.