The military-aerospace market has stringent requirements for parts designed into air, spacecraft, and associated systems. Proven IC and board packaging approaches are essential for enabling system designers to use commercially developed components in military and aerospace applications.

MIL-STD-883 is the military testing standard that determines uniform procedures and methodologies for testing microelectronic devices. It’s designed to identify devices suitable for use within military and aerospace electronic systems – i.e., those that can survive harsh natural environments and conditions.

The full standard defines a comprehensive range of processes and procedures. As part of our collaboration with our customers in this market, QP Technologies will assist with the management your circuit qualification per the MIL-STD-883, Method 5004 process flow. Method 5004 falls under Test Procedures – specifically, parts qualification and lot screening. The diagram below illustrates a typical Method 5004 flow that customers utilize to qualify their parts, for both Class B and Class S process steps.

Some devices require full blown qualification flows, and others only require some of these tests be pulled into your flow to ensure a robust device.  Ultimately, the purpose of all screens conducted within MIL-STD-883 is to ensure testing, manufacturing, and materials uniformity – in turn, ensuring consistent quality and reliability among all devices screened in accordance with the schedule.

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