A few months ago, we announced that we had expanded our wire bonding offerings by adding two bonders from Hesse Mechatronics to our manufacturing line. The systems – a Bondjet BJ855 fine wire wedge bonder and a Bondjet BJ939 heavy wire wedge bonder – deliver industry-leading bonding speed and large working area in a small footprint.

The Hesse BJ939 performs bonding for Al heavy wire and ribbon, as well as copper (Cu) and AlCu wire. The heavy wire bond head features improved wire handling, advanced looping capabilities, and the ability to perform non-destructive pull tests on bonds in real-time. Our heavy wire Al wedge bonding capabilities include 127µm (5 mil), 254µm (10 mil), 381µm (15 mil) and 508µm (20 mil) diameter wire.

The basic functionality of the tool is that Al wire is situated beneath the tool and brought to the surface at a constant velocity. Upon touchdown, ultrasonic power is applied, and the bond tool’s vibration softens both the wire and the surface, enabling them to bond together via shared electrons. No heat is generated during the process, and no post-cleaning is required after the bond has been made.

Being able to perform this advanced Al wire wedge bonding with the BJ939 allows us to work with customers needing this capability for power electronics in a range of military-aerospace, automotive, consumer and industrial devices. Power electronics also play an important role in the field of renewable energy. We look forward to continuing to grow our business in these vital areas.